Our Story

Darren and Mechelle make the perfect team! Together they have a combined 40 years experience in the motorcoach industry. Their desire was to take their experience, pair it with their love of people and travel and provide high-quality, comfortable, escorted motorcoach tours to destinations throughout the United States and Canada. So in 2011 JAG Motorcoach was formed. In a few short years, JAG Motorcoach has grown from one bus to a fleet. While we continue to grow, we place the utmost importance on high quality service and our relationship with our customers. We want to continue to serve others with the expert quality of service that we have made our goal and mission.

Together, Darren and Mechelle, embody the vision to be a leader the industry, and raise the standards of comfort, safety and service of motorcoach companies everywhere. From start to finish, custom planning to driving you down America’s highways, JAG Motorcoach, provides everything required to make your experience safe and enjoyable.

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