Mystery Boat Trip
End of Summer Escape with a mystery boat!
One-Day with One Meal
August 10, 2021
$79 per person
$50 non-refundable deposit due at sign-up
Balance due by July 10, 2021

Tour Information

End the summer with our mystery boat tour. Since we are sworn to keep this a secret, here are a few useless clues of things that have happened on August 10. In 2017, a 100 year-old fruit cake deemed “almost eatable” after being discovered in hut used by Captain Scott’s expedition in Antarctica (sorry, no fruit cake on this tour – remember, these clues are useless) and in 1984, the US defeats Spain to win the men’s basketball gold medal in the Olympics and in 1898, Jack Haley, an American actor in The Wizard of Oz, was born in Boston.
Picture of a sailboat on the water at sunset