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payment & cancellations



Some tours require deposits at the time you make a reservation. If deposits are being sent through the mail, we can hold your reservation for 30 days. For longer destination tours, we will send you an invoice that shows the remaining balance and due date of your final payment, this should arrive 45 days prior to departure. Day trips will not receive invoices.

final payment

For day trips, payments generally need to be made 30 days prior to departure unless otherwise stated. Invoices will not be sent for day trips.

For some longer, more expensive tours, multiple payments may be made. All balances are due 30 prior to departure unless otherwise stated. You will not receive a payment reminder unless the due date passes without payment being made.

Please see the tour brochure for specific trip details on payment due dates.

method of payment:

Cash or check are the preferred methods of payment, however if you wish to pay by credit/debit card please call or pricing.

pick up locations:

We recommend you arrive 10 minutes early at your pick-up location. Pick-up locations depend on the number of passengers boarding from that town. We generally pick up in Gladwin, Beaverton, Midland, Mt. Pleasant, Clare, Harrison, and Houghton Lake. However, we do not pick up at all locations on every trip. We may add a pick-up en route if necessary.

reserved seating:

We strive to provide all of our customers with the best, most comfortable and most affordable traveling experience. We will accommodate passengers wishing to reserve seats for a $5 surcharge. You may reserve your seat at the time of registration, please be sure to include this fee with your prepayment.



For most cases refunds can be made up to 30 days prior to departure. JAG Motorcoach prides itself on refunding moneys when possible, however there may be some cases where a cancellation penalty applies. This is usually determined on a case by case basis. Trips that are canceled the day of, including no shows, are not eligible for refunds.


JAG Motorcoach does not offer Trip Insurance. However, if you are interested in purchasing trip insurance, we recommend you contact your insurance provider or one of the on-line options such as or For cruise travel, we highly recommend this option, as we are bound by very strict policies that prevent refunds or transfers.


Passports are now required for travel in Canada and Mexico. Please call your county clerk’s office if you need assistance obtaining your passport.