Charter Policies

Rates:  The charges for your charter bus are based on the original information you provided. Additional coaches or additional miles not agreed upon at the time of booking can usually be accommodated by having the driver call the dispatcher for an adjusted price. The driver hotel accommodations are provided by the customer unless otherwise stated on the contract (must be housed in a single non-smoking room).

Deposits: A deposit, as listed on your contract, is due within thirty (30) days of receiving the contract. Failure to send the deposit may result in a cancellation of the charter. The trip must be paid in full 30 days in advance of your trip.

Gratuity:  The gratuity is left up to the discretion of the customer depending upon the service provided by the driver. (A recommended gratuity would be $2.00-$3.00 per passenger, per day.)

Prohibited substances:  Smoking, including tobacco, electronic cigarettes and illegal drugs in any form are prohibited on all coaches. All animals except guide dogs are prohibited on the coaches.

Alcohol deposit:  The alcohol deposit of $100 is required if there will be alcohol consumption on the coach. The deposit is in addition to the price of the charter and is refundable if the coach is returned in normal use condition. Kegs are not permitted on the coach.

Federal regulations:  The Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety, has adopted certain regulations for the protection and safety of both the customer and the driver. Drivers are limited to:

  • 15 consecutive hours on duty in any one day.
  • Of these 15 hours, a maximum of 10 hours may be actual driving hours.
  • Upon reaching a destination and the driver’s total driving hours have been used, the driver must have a minimum of eight (8) hours off duty before local service may be performed or to begin an extended period of driving.

Disclaimer:  JAG Motorcoach is not liable for damage to or loss of baggage or other property. Baggage and all other property will be handled at the passenger’s risk and only in an amount that can be conveniently carried in the storage areas of the charter coach. Any damage to the coach by the charter party will be charged by the carrier to the charter party. JAG Motorcoach reserves the right to substitute equipment if in our sole discretion a substitution is necessary.